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From National Cycling  Champion to the fight for his life,  Brent Stein has been through it all. -- the death of his father in a cycling accident, the death of his wife and son in childbirth and then a brush with the law that nearly sent him to prison. He was vilified in the media and lost everything he had: respect in his community, a growing pharmacy, financial stability and a great life. 


His childhood was uneventful until he lost his dad in a cycling accident.   As an adult, before he met his Jezebel on eHarmony, he had a stable life that included ranking as a world-class athlete in cycling.


In his lifelong journey to find a soulmate, he faced the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. He kissed many frogs in hopes to find a princess, but no one ever told him some of those frogs could be crocodiles in disguise. 

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